It's a record!

Look I've managed to blog here more than one time in a month.

Good news to report!

I remembered to bring my knitting to work this morning so I shall be going to SNB! I'm so happy.

Oh you thought I might have actually finished "the project" and had some pictures? Hm, no. But, it is my firm desire and steadfast goal tonight to be casting off on that project. This I swear upon my favorite addis. May all my needles be struck by lightening if I fail in this quest.

Okay, maybe not ALL my needles. Maybe just the Susan Bates. As gwenny and I discussed today I am totally spoiled by my addis and although Susan will always have a special place in my knit loving heart for being my first pair of needles, I don't believe I will ever use them again. Unless desperate. Very, very desperate.

So my plan cast off, embellish to cover mistakes, photo and post about it.

Then we can move onto a the next never ending project. I can hardly wait. I want to make a purse. With beads.

Of course there is still the hat to finish.
And the awesome yarn from stitch cafe to use
And who wouldn't like a nice scarf.



Eh, I'm a little embarrassed here. But, I'm sure all of you have been tuning in for almost a month and a half to see the completed project.

*looks around* Yeah still not done. Been busy. Work related, so you know can't talk much about it. But, I will finish the wrap. I will. I promise.

Why is it all echo-ee in here? Isn't anybody listening?


Anybody there?

Now pitching for ..



From Unwind

"Well instead of calling me back, Southwest Trading Company sent me 1
ball of the Optimum DK in rouge! I'll hold it for you. "

Yay! I have the last ball of yarn (I hope it's the last ball I need) I need to finish my wrap. Pretty soon y'all be able to see the finished product.

a very happy,


Oh! Yarn Sale!

" A Mano Yarn Center turns One!
To celebrate our birthday our gift to you:
20% off all yarns and an extra 10% on Cashmere and cashmere blends
(except Noro Cash Iroha)

Our birthday sale runs from Saturday June 18th to Sunday June 19th

Due to space limitations we will be unable to ball yarn during the

Okay, so the store is in Mar Vista, but it's a sale! Anyone up for a field trip? I wonder if they carry my discontinued yarn? I should call them and find out as the people at Unwind haven't called me and been too busy to call them. And what if I gave them my wrong phone number. I've been known to do that.

Oh, and thanks Laina and Laurie for the compliments. You two are the best.



What next?

June started off so well. I cleaned out my room donating a ton of stuff to goodwill to make room for a room redo. It was so exciting. I'm getting rid of the futon that's been under my bed for ... well a long time. And "tie one on" has been taking shape, and I've been really happy with my first non-scarf project despite some early frogs in the road.

Remember my last entry where I was all enamored with the magic of knitting? Now, disaster.

Friday night my roommate R. told me she's moving out. So, all my plans for my bedroom are on hold as I might have to use my money for a things to replace my roommate's things that she has kindly shared with me for six years.

And my project? Well, when I first bought the yarn for it, it seemed two balls of yarn would be plenty. Wrong. At snb on Thursday I was lookin at my ever dwindling ball of yarn and realized I need some more of this. So, this morning I actually got my act together. Got out of bed, got dressed, went to Unwind so I would get home by 1:00p to have my futon taken away. Finally.

I get to unwind and start looking for my ball of yarn. I really only need one ball. Maybe two. It's not there! The last 10 balls of my Southwest Trading Co. Optimum, 100% wool DK weight, rouge yarn was bought. And it's been discontinued. So, they can't just order it for me.


That was my internal reaction. My external reaction was to buy some Addi turbo size 8, 16 inch needles and yarn for a new project. Maybe a hat. It wan't because I'm addicted to yarn and knitting. No, really. Rather it was my way of making up for being a pain in the ass. The wonderful people at the store are going to call Southwest Tradiing Co. and see if they have any of my discontinued yarn tucked away in some corner and get it to me. Otherwise next weekend I'm going in with my project to come up with a fix to my problem.

So, I might have to face a big fear of mine and show an actual yarn store owner my project. Hopefully they won't look at me like a crazy person for my yarn combination, and the mess at the bottom of my work. I really hope Southwest Trading Co. has one last lonely ball of yarn for me. Maybe two.

My roommate, my yarn. What next?

At least my futon is being taken away to a good home. Unless of course the people take a look at it and say nevermind. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised.

Cheefully yours,


The past week

Remember way back when when I said I was crazy trying to do two blogs? Yes, well now you we all know how right I was. Thus the week between blog entries. And I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to find out how "tie one on" is going.

I've made good progress on this little project. By tuesday I was on to the 24 stripe pattern section of the pattern where I start working two threads together again. Pic below.

1st stripe

While knitting this I was watching TV. Namely the show Blow Out. It's a reality show on Bravo, in it's second season and absolutely hysterical. It's about "hair dresser to the stars" Jonathan Anton. When his name comes up on the main titles it should have a second line "ass" In fact almost everything he says can be followed by the sentence "became I'm an ass"

He starts off the season premiere beautifully by expousing his love affair with hair.

"People say you aren't what you do. I am what I do. I'm hair" You have to hear the completely serious, deadpan way he says it to understand how funny and stupid this line is. And I'm laughing AT him. Because this man has no sense of humor about himself.

So, Jonathan is hair. A hairy ass I think. He proceeds to spend the entire hour proving me right on this point. Namely when he screws over one of his hairstylist promising him a big break doing an actresses's hair for the golden globes. But, then taking back the offer.

But, then Jonathan proves himself a slimy hairy ass when he talks about women. Or as he calls them, hot little bunny rabbit chicks. You see he loves women. In fact, he's hair because he gets to spend all day around women. I suspect anyone who has to spend an entire show talking about how much he loves women, excuse me hot little bunny rabbit chicks, so much it hurts, might be trying to prove something. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

So, thank you Bravo for the laughs.

Then it was SNB at WeHo. Where I made more progess with the wrap. It was a fun night, low key, but fun. Unfortunately I let my smart ass mouth get in the way and told Laurie she was no crazier than usual. Laurie seemed to take it okay. But, still sorry.

I have to say though I'm really starting to love this project. It's absoluetely amazing because it's really taking shape. Actually before my smart ass mouth opened up, I was looking at the wrap and was amazed for a moment. It really is an everday magic to take two sticks, some fiber and loop it around in such a way that it actually makes something, something useful. As one stitch builds off another I'm caught in a moment of wonder as my fingers and hands, seemingly by themselves, move to create a garment.

It's easy to see why knitting becomes so addictive.



Bring on the bitch

So last night was SNB and I stitched, and I bitched. But, let's start from the beginning.

I was really looking forward to SNB last night. I was. Gwen was going to be there. But, something was off. I couldn't quite place it. Was it becasue Laurie wasn't there? Was it because Ellen wasn't there? Not really. Both were missed. But, as it turns out it was me that was off.

Yes, I was in a mood. Moody. That was me. I was talking Gwen's poor ear off as I knitted. I'm unhappy with my room. It's a mess and I don't want to clean it up. I want real furniture in my room. I want storage space. Work sucks. I hate people. After a bit of silence on my part it suddenly hit me.

I'm being very negative, and despite my smile. I'm pretty grumpy. I mentioned this this and was shocked when Gwen said:

Gwen: I was worried about calling you again. Because last we talked you had an edge to your voice?
Me: I had an edge to my voice? I wasn't feeling edgy? I was happy.

But, I guess I wasn't. Then it hit me. I know what's going on. Oh yes, hormones. It's funny how PMS always sneaks up on me. I don't even realize it's happening. I'm smiling. I'm thinking I should be happy. But, all of a sudden I stop and realize I'm actually really grumpy. Then I check the calandar.

So, now I'm fully into my grumpiness and in a way I feel much better. I'm trying to avoid people so I don't inadvertently get edgy with them. And I'm drinking coffee this morning. Coffee makes me feel better even if it doesn't improve my mood.

I have no pictures of my knitting project. It pretty much looks the same but about a half inch longer. Although that was another strange thing last night.

Before I start knitting I measure to make sure it's not time for a decrease row. The night before I swear I was 9 inches. Suddenly I'm at 8.5 inches. And all night it seemed like the wrap would lengthen and then shrink back. Maybe that was the hormones too.